Kershaw Knives

Brand Summary Parent Company: KAI Group, Japan Headquarters: Tualatin, Oregon, USA Product Focus: EDC, Tactical Target Markets: Budget (< $50), Mid-Range ($50-$150) Production Facilities: USA, China Kershaw is owned by the KAI Group which also includes the Zero Tolerance and Shun Cutlery brands. Like many other knife manufacturers their primary production facilities are based in […]

Chris Reeve Knives

Brand Summary Parent Company: Reeve Inc. Headquarters: Boise, Idaho, USA Product Focus: EDC Target Markets: High End ($250-$400), Ultra High End ($400+) Production Facilities: USA Chris Reeve Knives is considered one of, if not ‘the’ pre-eminent production knife manufacturer in the world. Chris Reeve Knives (aka “CRK”) is widely considered the Cadillac of the folding […]

Benchmade Reviews

Benchmade 556-1 Review Price: About $160 The Good: Same excellent design as before, first rate CPM-20CV steel, G-10 handle rocks, deep carry clip The Bad: May experience minor production flaws Bottom Line: Simply one of the best smaller EDC’s you can buy, and it’s sexy too Benchmade 531 Review Price: About $130 The Good: G-10 […]

Buck Knives

Brand Summary Parent Company: Buck Knives Inc Headquarters: Post Falls, Idaho, USA Product Focus: EDC, Tactical, Survival Target Markets: Budget ( < $50), Mid-Range ($50-$150) Production Facilities: USA, China Founded in San Diego, California, the Buck Knives company is one of the most famous and significant producers of knives in the world. The company’s founder, […]

Cold Steel Recon 1 Review

Cold Steel Recon 1 Review As a long-time folding knife enthusiast, I tend to collect innovative models and like to compare the features of popular designs. I’m also a daily knife user who appreciates a good combination of practical, everyday functionality and just-in-case self-defense potential. Cold Steel’s Recon 1 tactical folder series offers all of […]

Benchmade 710 Review

Benchmade 710 Review Benchmade have been making fine quality knives of all kinds since 1988 and are now based in Oregon like several other US knife manufacturers. Oregon has relatively loose laws surrounding knives and hence is a popular location for knife companies. While Benchmade appeals to a large market and produce a wide variety […]

Benchmade 556-1 Review

“If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” the old adage goes. Well, the folks over at Benchmade must not care much for cliché statements because the all new Benchmade Mini Griptilian 556-1 adds a high-end flavor to the popular and already varied Mel Pardue designed Griptilian line-up. Yup, our favorite pocket sized mid-range EDC just […]

Kizer Splinter Review

You may not know much about Chinese knife maker, Kizer and the mere sight of the “Made in China” stamp will send many of you running to the hills. Still, if you hear me out you may be surprised to learn that Kizer is producing some interesting blades, including the one I’m reviewing here in […]

Benchmade 531 Review

Benchmade 531 Review Today I’m reviewing the Benchmade 531, designed by the incomparable Mel Pardue and successor to the somewhat mediocre Benchmade 530. As someone who was disappointed with the 530 I was super excited to check out the 531. The 531 is a light-use EDC knife aimed at the mid to higher end market, […]