Benchmade Barrage Review

Benchmade Barrage Review Over the last 30 years or so, Benchmade has made quite a name for itself in the knife industry and any knife enthusiast will tell you they are highly respected in the community. They have proven to be a revolutionary force in knife making, employing impressing quality control standards and combining excellent […]

Benchmade 940-1 Review

Benchmade 940-1 Review Benchmade is hallowed company among knife enthusiasts. Their name is a byword for quality, and their designs are wildly popular with professionals in every arena. Among the product line of such an established company are a few models that have reached an almost legendary status due to their design, quality, and general […]

Benchmade 940 Osborne Review

Benchmade 940 Osborne Review It is no secret that I am a knife enthusiast, and I have probably used hundreds of different knives in my life (if not more). To me, a folding pocket knife is as essential to my daily loadout as my shoes, so I am never without a knife. I am here […]

Knife Sharpener for Your Kitchen

Kitchen blades are a fundamental part of a person’s kitchen utensils. Maintaining them in best shape is very essential since blunt knives can terribly hurt you while working in the kitchen area. This really is so, since blunt knives need a greater pressure to do the cutting and slicing jobs. Sharp knives don’t require such […]

Best Survival Knife

Searching to find the best survival knife for your requirements could be a task that’s simpler stated than can be done. There’s a lot of survival knives available on the market and much more opinions on which ought to be the considered the very best survival knife. I’ve been an outside enthusiast my existence and […]

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Buy Best Knife is committed to providing you with in-depth and unbiased opinions on all things knife related. Our primary focus is anything with a blade, including folding (or pocket) knives, fixed blades, machetes, multi tools and even kitchen knives. Through our team of experts we provide reviews, education and advice to assist consumers in […]

Cold Steel Spartan Review

Cold Steel Spartan Review After reviewing a long list of EDC knives it’s nice every now and again to check out something different…and boy is the Cold Steel Spartan just that. You want a knife that stands out from the crowd? Look no further my friends… This bad boy looks meaner than drill Sgt. Hartman […]

Cold Steel Review

Cold Steel Review Cold Steel Spartan Review Price: About $60 The Good: Sturdy as hell, excellent for heavy-duty applications, impressive lock-up The Bad: Recurve makes sharpening a challenge, spring a little too tight, big and heavy Bottom Line: An all round beast but EDC fans need not apply Cold Steel Recon 1 Review Price: About […]

CRKT Knives

Brand Summary Parent Company: Columbia River Knife & Tool Inc. Headquarters: Tualatin, Oregon, USA Product Focus: EDC, Traditional, Tactical, Survival Target Markets: Budget ( < $50), Mid-Range ($50-$150) Production Facilities: China, Taiwan Columbia River Knife & Tool (CRKT) is an American knife manufacturer based in the small town of Tualatin, Oregon. The company is well-known […]