Benchmade Reviews

Benchmade 556-1 Review

Price: About $160
The Good: Same excellent design as before, first rate CPM-20CV steel, G-10 handle rocks, deep carry clip
The Bad: May experience minor production flaws
Bottom Line: Simply one of the best smaller EDC’s you can buy, and it’s sexy too

Benchmade 531 Review

benchmade-531Price: About $130
The Good: G-10 is nice, slim and lightweight, decent performance especially slicing, good looker
The Bad: Sub-par thumb studs, handle edges could be smoother
Bottom Line: A top performer in the sleek ‘n’ slim EDC category

Benchmade 940-1 Review

benchmade-940-1Price: About $260
The Good: Beautiful, sleek, light with insane levels of performance
The Bad: Black pocket clip can lose color, a tad expensive
Bottom Line: Quite possibly the perfect large ‘n’ light EDC, if you can afford it

Benchmade 51 Review

benchmade-51Price: About $200
The Good: Outstanding blade, fit and finish, robust
The Bad: A bit pricey, Hex screws can come loose
Bottom Line: One of the best quality production balisongs and perfect for beginners

Benchmade Infidel Review

Price: About $400
The Good: Superb fit and finish, rock solid lockup
The Bad: Some inconsistency in deployment switch, not cheap
Bottom Line: One of the best double action OTF knives on the market today.

Benchmade Barrage Review

benchmade-581 barragePrice: About $200
The Good: Outstanding blade performance, excellent lock-up, expertly made
The Bad: Some minor design flaws, a bit heavy, not cheap
Bottom Line: A front-runner in the $200 tactical category

Benchmade 940 Osborne Review

Price: About $180
The Good: Solid lock up, sharp, sturdy, sexy
The Bad: Pivot screw can get loose, a bit pricey
Bottom Line: Close to ultimate for a tactical EDC

Benchmade 710 Review

Price: About $150
The Good: Superb design. Hard steel maintains edge well. Excellent locking mechanism. Refined looks.
The Bad: Handle lacks grip in slippy conditions. Blade may require some maintenance to avoid corrosion.
Bottom Line: A top-class pocket knife with quality craftsmanship and good performance.

Benchmade Griptilian Review

Price: About $100
The Good: Super smooth blade action. Solid lock-up. Nice grippy textured handle. Good ergos.
The Bad: Handle material may feel too plastic-like to some. Somewhat loud locking click.
Bottom Line: Quite simply one of the best all-round EDC knives you can buy. Get one.